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Membership Information

All New Orleans Board of Trade members receive the following benefits and you can register to become a member online here:

Detailed River Incident Notifications

Members receive detailed notifications of incidents that take place on the lower Mississippi River delivered in real time to the NOBOT mobile app and available to on this website.

Mississippi River Currents Newsletter and Other Publications

This daily newsletter contains information of concern to the Maritime Industry and is intended to be a tool that used to assist operations. 

Monthly Arrival Statistics 

Through the Marine Exchange, The NOBOT keeps track of all commercial vessels entering and departing the Mississippi River.  Information is obtained form Pilots, Coast Guard, and other sources to ensure accuracy and timely information of vessel arrivals and departures.  Under the Reports section this website, you will find arrival and departure information on all vessels that have entered/departed the Mississippi River during the current calendar year.  The NOBOT also maintains a database of all vessel arrival and departure dating back to 1995.  In addition, arrival statistics are kept dating back to 1960.


NOBOT and the Mississippi River Tracking Information Service (MRTIS) have teamed up to create the most advanced tool for the maritime industry. The NOBOT Portal, contained within MRTIS, allows access to a variety of operation critical vessel information. Coupled with the power of the MRTIS vessel tracking system, this becomes an extremely valuable tool to assist in your day-to-day operations. For more information click here.

Notice of Arrival Submission Program

Through our sister organization, The Marine Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, we offer a program for vessel agents to submit the vessel's Notice of Arrival to the USCG.

Answering Service

The NOBOT operates a state of the art answering service which is only offered to companies in the maritime industry.  Answering Service staff can patch the call to the person on duty, or take messages for retrieval at a later time.  We also have the capability to email and fax messages and offer detailed billing to meet all of our customers' needs.

Both the Answering Service and Marine Exchange are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained marine operators.

Access to trade development advocacy work

Discounts on provided services

Classes of Membership

The New Orleans Board of Trade, Ltd has two levels of membership, Full and Associate.

Full members 
- owners of one share of stock, which entitles them to all advantages and privileges listed, plus the opportunity to hold office and vote at all elections and meetings of the membership.

Associate members 
- enjoy all of the advantages and privileges of Full members, except the opportunity to own stock, hold office or vote.

Dues - Dues are fixed annually by the Board of Directors, and are currently $350.00 per year.

Stock - The price of Capital Stock is fixed at $100.00 per share and appreciation is prohibited by Louisiana Law as pertains to non-profit corporations. No dividends or other pecuniary remuneration shall be paid to stockholders.