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Operational Guidelines







The Bar Pilots recommended loading draft for Southwest Pass is 42 feet.


The Crescent Pilots recommended loading draft for their area of the river is 44 feet.  

Due to High Water Conditions, the Current Restrictions are in effect for the Crescent River Pilots Area of Responsibility:

Maximum Length for Vessels utilizing General Anchorage – 600 Feet

Buoy Systems and Midstream Transfer Facilities – Daylight Docking/Undocking Only

Chalmette Slip – Daylight Docking and Undocking Only, Two Tractor Tugs, and No Stern First Dockings

No Head Down Dockings


The NOBRA Pilots recommened loading draft is as follows: 47 Feet from New Orleans to Mile 180 and 45 feet from Mile 180 to Mile 234.  The NOBRA Pilots are recommending the following restriction for the Reserve Anchorage (Mile 137.0 – Mile 137.5) “ Pilots anchoring vessels in the Reserve Anchorage with less than thirty-six (36) feet will be required to stay onboard and perform special services.  Pilots will not be required to stay onboard vessels with a draft of thirty-six (36) feet or greater.  

Effective 12:00 am. on 02/28/18 - The NOBRA Pilots will one perform docking/undocking at mid-stream facilities during daylight hours only.  The restriction will remain in effect until the Carrollton Gage reaches 12 feet on the fall.